Workplace hacks that work......

Someone recently challenged me to think of at least 5 tips that would make their day in the office easier that they might not have tried before and I LOVE a challenge so here goes…..

1. Break the phone habit

Find yourself absent-mindedly reaching for your smartphone when you should be concentrating. Pop an elastic band or hairband around. Having to move the band to get into the phone will interrupt your auto-pilot and make you consider whether you need to do this.

2.Hold your tongue

In a meeting supposedly listening to someone but find your brain racing off to create your reply. Our inner voice quietens when our tongue can’t move. Put your tongue firmly behind your top teeth and hold it there….you will find it easier to listen 

3.Snappy contacts

Always misplacing business cards? Become a demon networker by taking a quick snap of the card on your phone and you’ll never have that problem again

4.Concentration boost

Got an important document to write to a deadline to meet and find your mind wandering? Try playing Brainwaves music (you can find some on youtube) whilst you work - scientifically proven to improve your focus and it won’t interrupt your thoughts with lyrics or radio chit chat

5.Step away from the inbox

It may seem a good idea to start the day by replying to or sending emails, a nice easy task over a coffee. But that way you start the day by inviting more dialogue into your day which can often derail time meant for a focused task. Try working on your most important task first thing and save the emails for later 

6.Be the office hero

Just watched a colleague write on the whiteboard in permanent marker by mistake? Just find a whiteboard marker and go over the writing with it.Something genius happens between the two ink types that will make it possible to erase both together.

7. Come out from under the desk

Sick of crawling round under your desk trying to retrieve the laptop cable that wriggles away every time you unplug it? Grab a humble bulldog clip from the stationery cupboard, wrap the cable through the handles and clip it to your desk to keep it where you need it

What are your favourite tips for making working life easier? Go on, spill, I’d love to hear them!