Rachel B


“Emma is wonderful to work with.  She has a very calming air about her, yet after working with her I leave only slightly calmer as I am mostly buzzing and wanting to get out into the world so that I can put everything I’ve learnt into practice.  After our sessions I feel liberated, wanting to kick butt both personally and professionally, I feel I can take on anything.  I recommend her to everyone and I will definitely be working with her again.  She should come with a health warning, she’s really good for your health and utterly addictive”.


Sarah S


“My first words to Emma were ‘ I don’t think i need a life coach’ but she soon made me realise how out of balance my life really was. I was instantly at ease and felt I could talk openly and honestly. Emma made me look at situations both at work and personal and see them differently. The techniques she worked through made me make small changes to areas of my life that I had thought were okay. Would highly recommend”


Zoe W


“A few developments in my career and personal life meant I was suddenly a little overwhelmed with all the changes and goals I wanted to achieve. My focus was totally disorientated and that’s where Emma fluttered in. She has helped clear the fog and given me direction with thoughts, ideas and plans. With her positive ‘of course you can’ strategic attitude, she has helped me connect the dots and enabled me to move forwards feeling like I have things in control and that my goals are achievable. Emma is a true genuine soul, who has a big heart and strong mind. I think everyone could do with a bit of her wisdom”


Selwyn P


“Having Emma as my business coach has really helped me focus on what I need to do and how to get it done. As a business start up you can talk to many people about it but those conversations only go so far. I did not know what to expect from having a business coach however my chats with Emma deliver interesting topics of conversations which has helped me craft my offering in to something that is real and saleable. It would have taken me a lot longer to get to where I am today without her help ”


Becky C


“Emma has given me the confidence to spread my wings. She also helped me come up with the perfect name for my company. My business plan is almost finished and whenever I doubt myself I just remind myself that I will fly high. Thank you so much Emma”


Georga C


“Since seeing Emma, she has given me the courage and the confidence to turn an idea into a business. Each meeting we set new goals for me to work toward, which give me a clear idea of how I can easily achieve my objectives to progress and act upon what would normally remain as ideas. She also encourages me to come up with solutions. Emma is not only lovely, she is also professional, and you are guaranteed to leave one of her sessions feeling rather invincible. Sometimes you can have so many ideas that it is hard to pinpoint where to start, and then it all becomes a little overwhelming and you freeze… But Emma helps you compartmentalise and prioritise and I honestly can’t thank her enough for completely transforming my life and giving me some much-needed direction and purpose” 


Kate H


“Emma has a brilliant way of helping you explore parts of your life that may just need a little tweak here and there in an insightful way, using gently probing questions to make you think and acknowledge areas you wanted to discuss in depth. Through Emma’s coaching, I’ve made some small changes to rebalance our family life. Would highly recommend Emma”




“Thank you for a great coaching session – I definitely felt mentally energised afterwards. It is so valuable to speak to someone who is not a (long suffering) family member, who is present and can have an objective perspective on the situation. It is a big leap to continue the conversation I’ve been having with myself with someone else and it’s been a really good experience”


Chloe F


“Emma gave me the strength to face a distressing time in my life head on with courage and conviction. She helped me visualise a path in order to handle the waves that used to roll over me daily and create a plan for dealing with situations like those going forward. I am a stronger person for my time with Emma so far.”


Helen M


“I was most impressed with how quickly, following me rambling through my thoughts you came to the articulation of what I was aiming for, which was spot on! And so simple really, but just something I never would have been able to pinpoint on my own. And then you grounded it in reality and action so it didn’t just become a lovely theoretical exercise, but rather came with a plan…. that you then made me accountable to!”


Rachel B


“Emma is completely brilliant, I would work with her over and over again, I highly recommend her to everyone.  If you’re in need of a boost, personally or professionally, she’s your lady!”